Skin Care

  1. Defense Healing Salve 1oz


    Defense Healing Salve is an extremely high quality all natural salve designed to aid in the healing of mat burns, small scrapes and scratches suffered in practice. Defense Healing Salve contains 5% of our active ingredients in an all natural botanical base consisting of chickweed, plantain, comfrey, yarrow, calendula, goldenseal, marshmallow, olive oil, grape seed oil, beeswax, almond oil, vitamin E, essential oils blend of tea tree, eucalyptus and thyme.. The Defense Healing Salve can also be used in conjunction with Defense Pure Essential Oil.

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  2. Defense Essential Oil


    Defense Essential Oil (1oz)

    Under FDA product guidelines Defense Soap cannot make any claims that our natural bar can prevent or treat skin infections. However, that doesn’t prevent our customers from talking about their experiences using it.

    To find out what they think of our Tea Tree and Eucalyptus infused soap and what they are saying about: ringworm, staph, impetigo, herpes, jock itch and athletes' foot  click here: Reviews

    We also encourage you to review the literature concerning the efficacy of these powerful natural oils. For what the National Institute of Health says about tea tree oil click: NIH

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  3. Defense Skin Care Kit

    Defense Healing Salve (1oz) and Defense Pure Essential Oil (1oz) These two products work best together. The ingredients in the Defense Pure Essential Oil have been shown to be effective against ringworm and herpes cold sores. he Defense Healing Salve, is loaded with healing properties including vitamins A and E will help heal the skin. Learn More
  4. Defense Skin Care Kit Plus Bar


    Defense Soap Bar
    Contains natural ingredients that are known to have a antifungal and anti viral properties

    Defense Soap Essential Oil
    These ingredients are known to be effective  as a topical remedy for bacterial, and fungal infections.

    Defense Soap Healing Salve
    Heat, friction, abrasion and rubbing can contribute to the cause of Jock Itch and other fungal problems. Our healing salve lubricates and soothes the skin naturally.

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  5. Defense Foaming Face & Hand Soap

    Defense Foaming Face and Hand Soap encourages washing at the sink and at the same time saves money by reducing soap usage. Our pumps use significantly less soap than pouring or squirting typical liquid soaps. • Rich foam lather promotes thorough washing • Ideal choice when hygiene is critical • Useful in high risk locations such as locker rooms, healthcare and food service facilities Learn More