About Defense Soap

Defense Soap—Nature's best response—100% Natural and Pure Antimicrobial Ingredients for athletes.
As a youth wrestling coach I know first hand how difficult it is to keep a team free of skin infections. Unfortunately, antibacterial chemicals like Triclosan can make skin infections worse. In 2005 we started testing natural methods of fighting Ringworm and discovered they worked far better and were far more effective. It wasn't too much of a leap to realize soap was the best way to get wrestlers to use these natural ingredients.

Since then Defense Soap, has committed itself to bringing athletes the most effective, highest quality, natural remedies  in the form of soaps and wipes available in the world today.

What makes our products so effective are our ingredients.  We use only 100% natural essential oils for our active ingredients —with absolutely no alcohol, Triclosan or artificial perfumes.  We use a concentration of essential oils consistent with effectiveness.  Our soaps are manufactured in FDA regulated facilities under strict quality control. They are among the highest quality soaps available and can be found no where else.

Your natural skin flora will benefit from our ingredients in many ways. The skin's healthy bacteria will not be poisoned as they would be from the chemicals. Your skins natural immunities remain healthy  while our natural anti fungal and and antiviral ingredients fight off common skin infections like Ringworm, Impetigo, Staph, Herpes and Jock Itch.

We manufacture all of our soap products in the United States. They are proprietary and can not be found anywhere else under any other private labeling.

Every product we sell is backed by our Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
We pride ourselves on serving our customers with personal attention and responsiveness. We take care of all our customers the same way. Our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and our credentials as a Google Trusted Store is evidence of this. Most orders are shipped the same day. We also offer one of the most lucrative Customer Rewards Programs available anywhere with generous discount points for your orders and for referring customers to us.

We promise you the very best experience with us and we look forward to serving you.

Defense Soap. Defend what you've built.

Guy Sako
Defense Soap